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I am a self-conscious individual who finally built up enough courage to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a published author.

Fillimet in so many ways is built upon my own heart as I work to truly discover myself for the first time. For much of my life I have been discouraged from pursuing my passions and following my soul, by the very people who should have encouraged me. After more than a decade of believing the lies that my time was better spent following the directives given to me by those who claimed to know the true me better than I ever would, I have finally picked up my pen and set forth to find my own voice, my own place in this world.
As a result Fillimet is written as a land of high adventure and everyday struggles against a diverse backdrop of species, locations, and cultures. I intend to build my world as vast, varied, and alive, with personal stories and heroic legends at every turn.
I wish to create a world of magic, exploration, and discovery, where unfamiliar backdrops slowly yield their secrets to reveal familiar motivations and relatable experiences. In many ways this mirrors my own journey of self-discovery as my new discoveries of myself mingle with the old, where everything is new and yet somehow strangely familiar.
Please join in my journey as I work to build a world where anyone can rise to become a legend with enough perseverance and determination. A world where anyone can succeed if they are willing to stand strong and face the world's struggles from without and within. A world where endings blossom into new beginnings, and hope truly springs eternal.