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Hello there, thank you soo much for your support and joining the

-Mini Rituals membership-

I have wanted to produce these series of videos for a long time, integrating my years of past learnt experiences in freediving, pilates and meditation.

Mini Rituals is about being kind to your self, a little of something is better than nothing.  

There are three categories; Breath, Movement & Mindset.  

This membership is a holistic approach to health and fitness, stress is a major factor in poor physical and mental health, these tutorials integrate the body-mind for balance.

All Mini Ritual videos and tutorials are between 5 - 15 minutes long only, you will have no excuse not to start a new Mini Ritual each day.

You can do just one video or maybe five, depends on how busy your day is.

The idea is to do at least one per day and build new healthy rituals.

My aim is to add weekly videos and build a mix and match catalog so you can build your own personal practice, feel free to ask for requests, feed back is most welcome. 

A little about me, I am a freediving coach and pilates instructor, I left my hectic city life working in fashion many years ago to explore my freediving potential, and a more holistic life in the tropics.

Over the years I have introduced countless students to the under water world on one breath. The ocean offers an immediate connection to your body mind, this connection is incredibly empowering and insightful.

I also compete as an athlete in freediving depth competitions, the process of training for competitions allows me to explore my outer limits of comfort further, this journey has led me down a road of mindfulness and meditation for deeper self trust and whole relaxation.

This membership enables me to continue producing the content that I'm most passionate about, I thank you for your on going support.

Let's begin!

Anna x