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Mini Ritual ideas - How to use?

Feb 03, 2021

Mini Rituals is about making your own practice each day with mix & match mini videos, depending on your energy and available time.

Heres an example of a possible sequence, sign up to the membership now to gain full access to all content, members also get to request content too.

Combine M1RPP + M3EPP + B3E for an energising spine mobilising & chest opening 30 minute Mini Ritual. See how the reference codes work below.

The videos are all coded for reference:

M = Movement (green covers)

MS= Mindset & Meditation (purple covers)

B= Breathe (blue covers)

E stands for energising and R is relaxing, PP is pre Pilates and these are great as warm ups.

M1RPP (M1; the first video in the movement series | R is relaxing sequence | PP is pre Pilates so gentle movements)

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