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Hi there, 

Our Belief

We believe that the next generation of world-changing ideas will come from anywhere in the world and the ecosystem to support them does not exist like in big cities & we are trying to solve it.

Our Hunch

There are very well-trained venture builders in the world today who are EIRs, exit founders, micro funds, angels, subject-matter experts, mentors & advisors. We want to enable them to launch cohort-based micro-accelerators. 

What Substack did to writers, we want to do the same to venture catalysts.

What are we doing?

Acapella is building a market network for next-generation internet-first founders.

For Catalysts - SaaS-based internet tools to design, launch and manage cohort-based micro-accelerators

For Founders - access to venture-building knowledge from anywhere in the world.

Here's a link to our product demo.

Why are we doing this? Read our love letter to venture catalysts.

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