Hello dear souls,

As some of you may know, I am following an entrepreneurial course called Starterslabo. This enables me to dip my feet into entrepreneurship where I combine coaching of highly/deeply sensitive souls in a creative and fun way as well with my artist practice selling and exhibiting my paintings and art work. Right before this course, I was teaching in different art schools and felt that this environment was not respecting my pace and sensitivity.

Since the start of Starterslabo on October 1 2020, it has been quite the adventure and still going steady and strong. I felt a big relief to have this time to experiment and pave a unique path of life.
As of today, September 10 2021, many wins and loses have occurred. Here is a quick look into the successes so far!

  • Sold first prints and postcards through an online webshop in February - March 2021

  • Launching a new and unique website --> https://www.astridchamberland.be/

  • Coaching started in January 2021 and successfully joined a private group practice in June 2021

  • Creating and hosting a first workshop weekend about high sensitivity in September 2021

Now I have less than six months remaining on this course and I am really close to launch courses and lectures about the themes I am passionate about like the arts and sensitive nervous systems. All the donations will go to the following:

  • Organising an art fair with multiple artists at BorgerhArt, 17 till 19 September 2021

  • Writing, facilitating and lecturing about high sensitivity in school contexts

  • Creating a 3 month program for sensitive souls to learn how to express themselves through artistic and creative forms to launch in January 2022

  • Making new art works, always ;-)

  • Writing and facilitating another workshop weekend for sensitive souls in begin 2022

Thank you for dropping by and I hope to see, feel, encounter you along the way!
All the best wishes,

Astrid Chamberland