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I write a blog about programming and computer science. The blog covers many topics, of varying sizes, such as: how 'appendChild' works in JavaScript to explaining 'Steganography', 'Object-Orientated Programming', and much more.

"Python: An Introduction to Code" is the title of a book I have written (available on Amazon). I plan to write more, not just about programming. I want to write about computer security, networking, and even try my hand at fiction.

Games and Apps
I have also begun developing games and apps. So far these only consist of simple mobile games, but I want to expand into creating desktop games, mobile applications (non-games), and even full desktop/web applications.

Teaching Resources
TES is an online store-front for teachers to share resources and lesson plans with other teachers. I am not a teacher, but using my knowledge of computer science and technology, I also have been creating resources for teachers.