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Hi and welcome to my Buy Me a Coffee webpage.

My name is Vick and I am the host of the Action B-Rated podcast.

In my podcast I talk about the guilty pleasures known as B-Rated Martial Arts movies, I talk about the respective martial arts actors you've heard of or haven't, seen or missed out on. My biggest pleasure is when I make movie reviews of their respective movies.

The work on the podcast and all additions to the episodes takes time, a lot of dedication and effort on my part in my pursuit to deliver an entertaining and informing, sometimes even educational quality content.

All I ask from you is if you enjoy my podcast and as a token of appreciation for my content and want to hear more in the future, all I ask is for a cup of my favorite drink in the world - Coffee. How much is completely up to you. I'll be grateful for $1, I'll be grateful for $10, I'll be grateful for as much as you want to tip. It would mean the world to me. Upon buying me a cup of coffee I'll make sure to mention you on my next episode.

Thank you so much for considering and for your tip.

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