Buy A cup of Change a coffee


At times when I think about the state of our world and the direction we are headed, it simply terrifies me. Then when I want to do something for real (no matter how small the effort is), I am always told that "I'm too small to make a difference" or "How do I want to make a change if I am all alone"?

The truth is that yes, we can't do it alone. We need each other to grow and to inspire one another if we are to achieve our full potential and make this world a better place. 

That's exactly why I wanted to start this project - to create a community of people like me, where we can empower and support each other while working for a bigger purpose, all of us in our own unique ways. In the end, hoping to inspire at least one more person to take action on themselves or to start doing things a little differently. And that’s not all. My idea was to look at this situation from all angles, from interior to exterior, to see and understand the process, and create a space where we can all reflect on our own journeys.

Why Buying a Coffee

Well, in reality, is not all about coffee. No matter the kind of project, when made with passion, it required a lot of work and dedication in order to achieve higher standards of quality. But the truth is that for this message to reach further, I do need your help. Each episode requires anywhere from 10 to 30 hours of work, from which includes:

· PRE-PRODUCTION: documentation, guest contacting, coordination

· RECORDING: equipment improvement, guest thank you package, recording assistance

· POST-PRODUCTION: organization, editing, recording, sound improvement, music.

· SPREADING THE WORD: online and offline.

What You'll Get For Donating

First and foremost, you'll get a HUGE thank you from me, even if it's only one coffee. I will be continuously working on including more interesting surprises the more we grow, but for now, here is a brief summary:

· MONTHLY SURPRIZES: access to behind the scenes and special episodes, goodies, online/offline meetups, episode shoutouts, and more.

· WORKING FOR IMPACT TOGETHER: with your contribution, I get the opportunity to invest even more time in improving the content, thinking, and planning even more interesting episodes, and even starting own projects and campaigns to create even more impact towards change.

· LET’S GET TO WORK: you’ll get to meet some amazing people who are dedicated to make this world a better place, from different industries, backgrounds, cultures, and you’ll be happy to be part of this community where we learn and inspire from each other.

Finally, for this to have a real impact and reach as many people as possible, I need a dedicated team that can help me amplify those voices and create high-quality and interesting content. So however you’re supporting (either through membership or other means), know that it takes us one step closer to achieving this dream.

Change doesn’t come easily, but I know we can do it together. Personally, I am in. What about you?