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Welcome to our creative family!

LiveArt promotes online Life Drawing sessions for you to access at any time and create from our materials at your own pace.

We encourage an enjoyable creative process, for you to have fun and to allow your energy to flow.

We are here to offer your services to who is in need to express themselves through art and wants to belong to a creative community. 


We collaborate with the most amazing like minded artists, our life models take the lead on creating their unique session. Their personality and creativity are unstoppable and each of those sessions is a trip to their ideas and space.

Art at your own pace 💚

Unfortunately there is no much space on each of the sessions details. I am working on posting about each session and I hope you guys can find this gem hidden in here 💕

I have set up a minimum fee for each video once it is mandatory in this website set up.

If you would like to contribute more, please you can send us as many coffees - in this case `I chose books - as you want!

All moneys are shared with the models 😘

Our drawing family has been paused for a while and this group allows us to keep our creative juices flowing together again!

Instead, if you would like to find out more about each video, click on the link bellow which is gonna take to to our gallery on instagram:

You can be part of our VIP Facebook group on

And find us on Instagram as @liveartonline

Mike Bochenek
Mike Bochenek claimed Life Drawing with Claudio.
Tracy Burchill
Tracy Burchill claimed Maria: an immersive experience .
Peggy A Stokes
Peggy A Stokes claimed Life Drawing with Sonja.
Julian Swindell
Julian Swindell claimed Life Drawing with Sonja.
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