✨LIFE DRAWING WITH DENI: a narrative in Paris @girlwithabluekimono ✨

👉🏻 https://vimeo.com/450540256

OUR SESSIONS CAN BE ACCESSED AT ANYTIME & YOU CAN CREATE AT YOUR OWN PACE - on demand, timed or at your your own artmaking pace!

An intimate journey of 2h and 15min of nude, semi nude and clothed poses in a routine full of romance with Deni around Paris!


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Our fantastic Bulgarian artist based in Paris is back and this time she is taking us through a romantic narrative of a day in Paris.

On the making of this session we have mixed short and long poses providing you a beautiful narrative and timing challenges for your practice and observation skills.

You will be part of Deni's routine, her preparation to the park and you will spend time in the company of this gem at the Jardin Luxembourg - what a treat hey!


Dani Mariano