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Aug 21, 2020

Well it is Friday. It is August and, it is sunny. There are still some things to be grateful for. Coffee too. Today I used a French press to make coffee. I learned many years ago that one must grind coarsely the beans when using a French press however, I prefer a finer grind as I like a strong flavor.
At home we use what are called a Moka pot. They are those metal percolators. I have yet to find a better way to prepare a cup of coffee at home.

During our last trip to Buenos Aires when we were purchasing coffee grounds the woman who sold me the beans told me when using a Moka, it is best to warm the water to almost boiling before putting in the coffee and screwing on the top half of the percolator in order to now burn the coffee while boiling.
I found this to be a great tip and it also promotes the flavor of the coffee much more.

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