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Hey, there.

Welcome to the free version of The Thousand-Mile Journey by me, Adam J. Cheshier.

In this new intimate project, I send you exclusive stories every week like:

- Unseen bits from my travels around the world.

- Thought-provoking glimpses of my personal journey.

- Honest discussions on everything from cultural differences to relationships.

- Personal finances as a digital nomad.

. . . Plus, lots more I don’t share on any other platform!

Most stories (95% of them) are for paid subscribers only. You can become a paid member by using a debit or credit card / PayPal under the "Membership" tab.

The Thousand-Mile Journey is a 100% reader-funded project. No ads, no affiliate partnerships, no SEO for Google. Only honest, meaningful stories, delivered to your inbox once a week. Thank you for supporting my work!

See you on the road,