Planning and strategy make decision making and problem solving easier. Understand your current state, set your desired future state, map out the steps in between that will likely result in your desired future state.

Use the Intention Set to keep an eye on your future state.

Intention - The things you want to occur in your life in the given time period.

Potential Return - What do you stand to gain/lose from bringing your intention into reality.

Key Performance Indicator - A measurable value that tracks how close our intention is to becoming realized. I.e., number of dollars raised for charity, number of countries visited, grade point avg., job offer yes/no, etc.

Progress - Not started, in progress, or percentage of progress toward goal completion. Similar to a progress bar.

Status - Achieved, unachieved.

Date Set - The date you set your intention. Used to make sure you complete within given time period.

See you in the field.

-Mr. Getbags