Welcome to my Buy Me A Coffee site!!!

What Is Buy Me A Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee is a fast and beautiful way to accept support and offer extras to your audience. Instead of asking your audience to donate or 'become your patron', you can ask them to buy you a coffee

So... What's In It For Me?

You get EXCLUSIVE SUPPORTER updates on the Buy Me A Coffee Site including:

  • Behind The Scenes

  • Exclusive Content That Didn't Make The Cut

  • Exclusive Live Streams

  • & More To Come

I also plan on enabling the Membership Option later on which will include these perks and more... I don't want the people who support me before then so if you support me now you get a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. You will receive this in your Email Inbox.

Where Is My Money Actually Going?

Once your payment is securely processed using AES-256 Encryption with Stripe, Buy Me A Coffee takes around 5% per payment as they are a free service and only make money when creators do.

From there the creator decides what to do with it

How Can I Pay?

BMAC accepts all major Credit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay depending on your location.

Is Buy Me a Coffee Safe and Reliable?

We take security seriously. Here are some measures we’ve taken to protect your and your supporter’s data.

  • We don’t store credit card data on our servers. Payment processing is handled by PayPal and Stripe (PCI Compliance Level 1).

  • We run on the robust Amazon infrastructure. Cloudflare adds an additional layer of security. We also take periodic backups and force SSL encryption across the platform.

We have a bug bounty program to encourage responsible reporting of any security issues, and we’re quick to take action.

How do I contact Buy Me a Coffee?

You can email us at [email protected], or leave us a message on the Intercom chat. We also respond to every feature request submitted.