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Hi! My name is Adam Wilson - I'm an electronics engineer based in the North East UK, and I like tinkering with old junk.

In my spare time, I collect, repair, refurbish, and (sometimes) sell vintage computer systems and peripherals, typically from the 1980s (the likes of Commodore, Sinclair, Acorn, Apple, Amstrad, and Atari).

I've started writing repair articles and documenting my collection on my website - I really enjoy reading about the work of others, and I'd like to try my best to give something back to the retro computer community, so hopefully someone will find these useful.

I'm also quite active on social media, particularly Twitter, and I have a few miscellaneous videos on my YouTube channel.

I've decided to set up a Buy Me a Coffee page in case anyone has enjoyed my content so much, or found it so useful, that they'd like to make a donation - this will go towards the upkeep costs of my website and vintage computer collection.