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I’m a certified emotional well-being coach on an active path to national board accreditation. Additionally, I’ve been certified as a digital wellness educator and completed one of the first certificate programs in UX design with General Assembly. Prior to coaching, I was a freelance user experience designer contracting with startups, incubators, and marketing / ad agencies on helping architect web and app experiences.

Along with my Chinese tea and mindfulness studies, I started a unique service of facilitating corporate team building experiences through tea ceremonies — an in-office retreat to boost employee well-being without the excessive spending of international retreat expense.

Based on your unique needs, and with your consent, I will ask permission to to utilize relevant tools and techniques from these specialized areas.

I’m privileged to have partnered with brands and organizations like Bruce Lee, GIFCT, Citizens of Culture, Techstars, Upshot, Creative Mornings, Strangeloop Studios, and General Assembly.

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