Buy Ada'thrine (they/she) a tea


Ada’thrine is Ada Katherine.

Ada is an artist, writer, musician, RYT-500 Yoga teacher, Reiki master, and ordained minister, currently residing in Colorado, United States, with her beloved partner and feline family.

Lover of the arts and sciences, Ada enjoys research, exploration, and the sharing of information, experiences, and stories.

Ada is a proponent of the Vulcan edict, “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations,” or IDIC (pronounced iddick) for short, and lives in appreciation, celebration, and gratitude for life itself and all its diverse forms and possibilities.

Goods & Services include:
-- Public Yoga Classes (in-person & online)
-- Private Yoga Sessions (in-person & online)
-- Original Artwork (drawings, paintings, photography, etc)
-- Handmade Goods (wearable art & accessories, figurines, etc)
-- Graphic Design (logos, banners, brochures, flyers, etc)
-- Homemade Health (vegan recipes & lifestyle tips for food & beauty)