Greetings, tealings and coffeemites. It has been some time!

Concerning art, I’ve been sharing time-lapse videos of drawings from start to finish via Instagram. Sometimes I will do quick tarot card pulls or share info on occult practises, so if a bit of art and magick sound rad to you, follow @adathrine on Instagram!

My main site——has seen a lot of updates and now includes purchasable tarot reading requests, starting at just $6. Or, if yoga is more your jam, sign up for a free consultation to see if private lessons are right for you.

I have also launched a YouTube channel to share public tarot readings and anything else I may dabble with. This is the latest of my endeavours, so there’s just two videos right now, but I will be releasing two Lunar Forecast readings monthly (with the full and new moons), in addition to a weekly pick-a-card series I’ve named Fortunes Forecast, Lucky Charms.

Finally, Patreon has been updated, so if perks to supporting me sound in any way enticing or intriguing, check it out.

That about catches us up over here!

May you have Peace & Long Life.

Until we meet again.