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Thanks for making your projects easily available - the facebook metadata tool was super useful!

No problem, and thanks for the support!

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Works great.. very helpful.  I was getting 1 in 5 ads from facebook on my news feed.

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Thanks for your help with digging out the old Facebook export/EXIF script 😘 

Thanks! Did it work?

I had to update it to support the newer PHP versions (e.g. $toChange[] = .. is no longer supported) as this was obviously written a while ago now, but yes it did help massively, thank you. 👌 

Awesome! If you want to contribute your changes back then we could setup a branch on the GitHub repo for the old version. You are not the first person that has needed it!

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Thx for your support on Wikibase Telegram group :)

No problem! I love answering questions :D