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Victims Make Statements at Ghislaine Max ...

Victims Make Statements at Ghislaine Maxwell Sentencing

Jun 28, 2022

"The ripple effects of trauma are undeniable. I felt pain as a sister when Maria was harmed. (sobs). As my family watched her become more isolated and physically ill, there was nothing we could do. She was exploited by Maxwell," Annie Farmer said.

"Maxwell had many opportunities to come clean. She lied about my sister and me. Later when I pursued my career as a psychologist, I fear to be connected to this case, wrongly described as child prostitution," Farmer said.

Consider the ongoing suffering of her victims. Weigh the systemic effects of her acts. Her lack of remorse created the need for many of us to begin a long struggle for justice," Farmer said.

Judge Nathan: Next is Kate. The sketch artist shall not draw her.

"Someone starting a non profit does not excuse sex trafficking of minors," Kate said.

The reference is to the Terramar Project, "on whose board United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres maintained a representative," according to Matthew Russell Lee. The Maxwell-created organization is now defunct.

Today I stand for the first time with my sisters to say Enough is enough. I take no pleasure in being part of a world in which this is necessary. Stop Ghislaine. I could not have done this alone," Kate said.

"I have never entered into normal relationship. I have no children, something I dreamed of. I attend meetings to treat alcoholism. I have had numerous relapses. Only by the grace of God do I continue to live. I have attempted suicide twice," Sarah Ransome said.

"Maxwell's links to Epstein and Les Wexner became aware of me. I went to deliver her clothes. Epstein was there and they sexually assaulted me. I returned to FIT, and the Henri Bendel store. But they pursued me, even when I went to Bloomingdales," Liz Stein said.

"She wore me down. I went with them to Florida. I got fired. I was trafficked to their friends. By that time I was trapped. I was raped in New York and Florida for a three year period. I can not speak about it. I do not have the vocabulary," Stein said.

"I once loved life. After I met them it felt like someone turned off the lights to my soul. I changed jobs, apartments, cities and even states. They found me. In 1997 I moved to Philadelphia, hoping to finally starting law school. They found me...," Liz Stein said.

"I began physical therapy. The arrest of Epstein in 2019 and of Maxwell in 2020 helped me. I could disclose their abuse to medical providers. This past November and December I took the train from Philadelphia to watch the trial, anonymously."

"Ghislaine Maxwell fed me to Jeffrey Epstein. For 25 years Maxwell has lived free, while I have had none of the life experiences I should have. She'd had her life. Now it's time for mine."

"I experience flashbacks (sobs). I am hyper vigilant and do not trust people easily. I will sometimes start crying for reasons I cannot always comprehend. I've been diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD and tendency to self-harm," Sarah Ransom said.

"I came to New York to attend the trial. It was cathartic. I am glad the jury believed the victims and returned a guilty verdict. Sentence her to the rest of her life in prison. It will give us survivors a slight sense of justice," Sarah Ransome said.

"They told me I had potential (sobs). They had connections to FIT. There was always a but. I needed to lose 30 pounds. They put me on a strict Atkins diet. I never lost the weight. I never got to use my application. I thank God I escaped in 2007," Sarah Ransome said.

"I tried to escape the island by jumping off a cliff into shark infested waters. Epstein and Maxwell lured us in then pounced. Like Hotel California you could check in but you could never leave. They used my visa status and family to trap me," Ransome said.

I continue to suffer. I came to New York at 22, to attend FIT. I was introduced to Epstein. I became nothing more than a six toy for the entertainment of Epstein, Maxwell and others. I was abuse in the mansion and on his private island," Ransome said.

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