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What is During these days when we stayed at our house due to Korona Virus, we brought together quality videos that can enable you to travel around the city with videos in order not to lose our motivation to travel the world and discover new places. Continue to get to know and discover beautiful and touristic cities with Start watching museums and landmarks that you can open and watch for hours without getting bored at home. If you wish, open the videos and connect them to your TV, or start playing interesting videos on your computer or phone. Why we create this website? In these times we spent at home, we decided to create this website so that you can continue your cultural activities in a way, instead of killing your spare time, and gain your motivation to travel after these difficult days. Will you add new videos on Yes, we strive to rapidly increase our video network so that you can discover it. If you have any suggestions in this process, you can contact us as you wish and send your suggestions.

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