First and foremost I appreciate you for visiting ! I am excited to introduce a new way to support my blog, and not surprisingly to support your own self-improvement. I will be releasing premium content on starting this month at $4.99/mo. The premium posts will include personal content as well as content that I have put countless hours into building all for you. Most of my posts will continue to be free to all, however these select few titles are exclusive because I believe they will provide exceptional value to you.

In case you were wondering I usually spend about 2-3 hours per blog post, sometimes more. That's also only accounting for the typing, editing, and image design. I'm truly on the clock 24/7 as blog post ideas race through my ADHD brain and I am constantly scrambling to jot them down before they fly away. The premium posts require far more preparation, research, and also embody my personal experiences in an intimate and vulnerable way. Thus, the value I am bringing to you through these posts is worth more than the free content I provide.