Earlier this year, before all this even happened, I was getting very curious. I was seeing a lot of content on TikTok and Twitter by younger creators, all based on the idea that "only neurodiverse people will get this". These were all too relatable, but surely everyone feels like this sometimes, right?

Well, yes, a lot of the indicators for neurodiversities like ADHD or ASD are common enough. The difference is that people with neurodiversities experience more of them, experience them most days, and often find that they can get in the way of what they'd like to be doing. Please note, I am not speaking for everyone, only for me.

So I watched and read and went down a few rabbit holes that turned out to be dead ends (are all rabbit holes dead ends? or do they sometimes pop out somewhere else? I think they do, so they can escape). And I watched and read and did some self-diagnosis things online that all said "yeah, go see someone."

Then I read Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Disorganisation at Home and in the Workplace, by Sari Solden (try and get the 2005 edition).

Oh. Okay.

I cried with recognition. I read parts out to my spouse. And I started taking it seriously. I decided to pursue a professional assessment.