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History of UKOCR

UKOCR was founded in 2013 by the one and only Muddy Duck, it started with a Facebook group and 30 friends of the duck, but soon this grew and within 12 months had over 2,000 members. The goal of the group was to provide a platform for OCR athletes to share experiences and celebrate everything OCR.

The group grew to 15,000 and things were looking ok for OCR. There were several UK OCR media companies covering OCR in the UK. Then the year 2020 happened. Covid devastated all industries. In OCR lots of smaller races closed and most media either fell away or went into hibernation.

The UKOCR podcast

So, heading out of 2020, Muddy Duck AKA Alan decided again to try to make a difference.

Alan contacted Matt B Davis from Obstacle Racing Media. With Matt’s help, Alan set up the UKOCR podcast with Ian Kay. The first episodes being launched in January 2021.

From this point UKOCR has grown beyond the podcast to include a content on all major social media platforms and a YouTube channel to provide race footage and more. At the end of 2021 we partnered with UKOSF to present the 2021 UK Obstacle awards and launch the 2022 UKOCR Race series to fill a gap in the competitive racing calendar.

We have also branched out into the growing world of hybrid racing events such as HYROX. Initially this was covered on UKOCR but then in January 2022 we launched the UKHXR podcast.

The future

The UKOCR media team has now grown beyond Alan and Ian. There is now a team of people who help bring content to a growing audience in the UK and beyond.

Up until now, costs for the podcast have been paid by Alan and Ian. Further the rest of the team have always covered any of their own costs such as travel and equipment. So, to continue to grow media coverage for OCR and Hybrid Racing in the UK we are now appealing to the community to help provide some financial backing.

Any donations will go towards the following: -

1)      Cover the overheads. It currently costs between £40-£50 each month just to cover podcast hosting and video conferencing. This is before equipment costs are considered.

2)      Improve coverage of OCR and Hybrid events in the UK via audio and video by looking to attend more UK events.

3)      Further support growth of OCR and hybrid racing in the UK by exploring new projects as they come available.


What your donations will not go towards: -

1)      Providing a wage for Alan, Ian or anyone else. Everyone is a volunteer. We are not looking to replace our day jobs via your kind donations.


How to donate

You can donate in two ways.

The first way is by becoming a monthly patron using this link . By becoming a patron, you will be entitled to some cool benefits as described on the link.

The second way is by “buying us a beer” aka making a one-off donation. To do this use this page. Sadly, there are no benefits with making a one off donation but we do appreciate every single donation no matter how small.


Thanks for taking the time to consider helping us grow media coverage of OCR and Hybrid Racing in the UK.


Much Love
The UKOCR Team

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