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10 Questions to start your Artificial Intelligence project

Nov 15, 2021

1. Do I have a SMART goal ?

“Everyone else is doing it” is a terrible reason to get into the A.I game.

2. Do I have enough data ?

Unique data, rather than cutting-edge modeling, is what creates a valuable A.I solution.

3. Are there errors in my dataset ?

Garbage in, garbage out.

4. Is my dataset a d*ck ?

Oh, Amazon, you here, again ? What are the odds ?!

5. Do I have the people to make this happen ?

There are currently only 22,000 PhD-level experts worldwide capable of developing cutting edge algorithms. And the ones that don’t work for large tech companies are expensive. Very expensive. Very, Very expensive.

6. Will I need to change my hierarchical structure ?

IT and business infighting is just not productive.

7. Will my employees become Luddites ?

Getting support from ALL levels of the organisation is paramount for a successful project.

8. Do I have the right architecture ?

The algorithm itself does less than 10% of the work.

9. Are there any regulatory hurdles ?

Checking not only current regulations, but being aware of the ones being discussed has always been key in the corporate world, and shall remain so.

10. Do I have time ?

In fact, if a company is in a time-sensitive crunch, A.I is probably not the answer.

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