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Hi! I'm a serial-learner ✨ As of today I'm an Architect, Guitarist, Filmmaker, Salsa trainer, Designer, Singer, Web Developer, Certified Business Analyst, Writer, Entrepreneur, Illustrator, Brand consultant, Tattoo Artist, Magician & Public Speaker.

Today's world demands us to fit in a box. If you say you are a clerk, it’s far easier for you to get accepted socially than if you were to say you are an explorer - curious about how everything functions. There's always this bias even though humans are naturally curious about life and every child is born an explorer.

There are many people out there who have given up on their lively interests and dreams just to chase one dead box that pays their bills. My end goal is to help these humans break free from these boxes and give rise to more polymaths ㊙ But this year I'll start with sharing my work from various fields.

I upload content on YouTube but the algorithm does not organically support multi-field content. So consider subscribing & definitely ring the bell 🔔