75% towards our art goal!! WHAT?!

75% towards our art goal!! WHAT?!

Sep 07, 2021

There is only so many times I can write "I am blown away" until I'm too far away from any device because I've been blown away so far!!
We're at 75% towards our art goal and I am just so excited!! It's amazing! THANK YOU GUYS!

Update so far today:
Work has been busy and I've been home about an hour as of writing this. (18:53)
Checking out our new apocalypse pack, got some funky ideas that I'm experimenting with. I don't want to spoil things, but I will be posting screenshots and a few GIFs to elaborate on said fun ideas!

Still working on tertiary characters, and what you guys have come up with has been hilarious, so just looking to create those interactions in an organic way, which is looking good with the timing of the "office remodel".

Atop this, I'm also working on some new secondary characters that you'll interact with in the office itself (first level), so that will be fun. Currently the humour of the game is on the silly observations and mild interactions of the world that really tells the story, so it's finding the balance of both worlds to get a good flow and pace to the game.

I am aiming to get some of the media / screenshots / whatever else I can get done for Saturday as I'll be able to dedicate a bit more time during the week to making them look all nice.

I will also be sharing them on Twitter and Discord (maybe even the AEGIS forums oooOooOooo~) so you won't miss them!

Thanks again for being amazing. Because you are AMAZING!

Stay safe you Pickles.

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