02022022 Posted 02052022 @12:23

Hello my Starlings, how are you doing today? Here we welcome in February a month of great synchronicities. We meet 2.2.2022 and 2.22.2022 this month.

What am I up to this month?

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday’s, I host guided meditations in Aeh’s Clubhouse. I will post journal/shadow work prompts and affirmations on these days.

Tuesday, Wednesday’s and Sunday’s I take off to plan and work on behind the scenes news and information as well as focus on homeschooling my kids.

Friday’s you can find me hosting 2 zooms. Kids Connect - 3 and Aeh’s Inner Child Workshop - 9:30 pm.

Saturday’s I host Aeh’s BookClubhouse where we get together and read and discuss books of higher knowledge.

This upcoming Tuesday I’m on Bitching with Bertha on Twitch at 3:30 pm with Rebecca Queen of the Flock, and this Saturday I have a funeral to attend. I will be postponing Aeh’s BookClubhouse until Sunday.

As always, you can find everything you never thought you needed to know about Aeh on my Instagram. Head over there for a look at how my wellness journey is going. Perhaps consider buying me a tea so I can enjoy a lil mom date this month. 🙏🏻

I love you all. I hope to see you guys this month! I’m manifesting I’ll get enough followers on TT to go live this month so I can watch my business soar and I can make my first $1k

xoxo Aeh Monroe✨