Hi, this is Aeryn

This is the new home for my spirituality vlog. Hosted on Buy Me A Coffee.

How to follow this vlog

If you want to follow my vlog you can do so by following me on your preferred social media platform where I post those videos. Please check the posts on this page for links to those platforms.

I usually post on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

But this page is a way of collecting my vlogs together and to offer a platform where we can support each other. Or if you would like me to support you.

Members have each new vlog emailed to them directly.


I am offering a simple membership option to support you on your self-growth; healing; spiritual; ascension journey – however you wish to see it. I use all these words to describe it.

It's not because I see myself as an expert, but sometimes people tell me I have helped them by sharing my journey. I've always been happy about that and wondered about taking it further into coaching or something else.

I want to break down the paradigm of there being a leader and a follower; of there being a guru and an adept. This is not how I want to offer help. The membership is a simple way that we can be in community together and help each other.

"What do I get with the membership?"

My membership offers you a private way to contact me, ask questions, and suggest topics for me to discuss. Once a month, I will post a dedicated private video for members to address these questions and requests.

Each new vlog will be emailed directly to your inbox so you will not miss any.

I have opted to keep it low cost and low intensity. This is how I prefer to work. I am not offering one-on-one calls or livestreams at this time, but I may in the future.

Subject to demand: If enough people request it, I am happy to set up a private community chat on a platform such as Telegram.

Questions about membership

If you have any questions about membership, or how to follow this vlog, please go ahead and ask in the comments section, or you can contact me on my bio link.

What is Buy Me A Coffee?

Buy Me A Coffee is a platform by which you can send tips, or donations to content creators. It is built right in to the interface where you read posts. It is simply called a "coffee", but it is received by the creator as cash, and the amount you donate is up to you.

Tips or donations are gratefully received.

Or, sign up for your own Buy Me A Coffee account here: buymeacoffee.com/?via=aeryn


13 January 2022