I am rebooting my NorthSoulStar project and moving content there. It will take a little time to get going. I expect to continue to talk about spirituality through the lens of my personal journey.

I am no longer offering direct support or community membership on this Buy Me A Coffee page. Following recent events in community, it is something I no longer feel like I can provide. Some of which I have already posted here.

I have become completely disillusioned by all things to do with the wider spiritual community. And I have realised how toxic it is. It has been a massive shock to my system.

It is here..

In the meantime, you can catch me on my Instagram account: @aerynnorth which will be my only active social media presence for the time being.

Thank you to anyone that stops by to read this message, and for your patience. Especially to those who have reached out to me for assistance in the past. I realise how random and inconsistent I am. I can't seem to do anything about that.

More links and contact details are here:

(March 2022)