Jan 13, 2022


NorthSoulStar I am rebooting my NorthSoulStar project and moving content there. It will take a little time to get going. I expect to continue to talk about spirituality through the lens of my personal journey. I am no longer offering direct support or community membership on this Buy Me A Coffee page. Following recent events in community, it is something I no longer feel like I can provide. Some of which I have already posted here. I have become completely disillusioned by all things to do with... more

Mar 02, 2022

Fuck Enlightenment - Returning To Our Humanity Will Be Our Greatest Achievement

The intensity I am feeling since the scandal surrounding Bentinho Massaro’s #Cult #SpiritualEgo #Narcissism resurfaced just keeps expanding, deepening.All this trauma is surfacing from inside of me these last few days. About how I used enlightenment teachings to abandon myself. Especially in the hottest period of my life around four years ago. About how I thought I was done with that, but I’m not.And I’m experiencing devastating levels of conflict within myself. My mind so... more


Mar 01, 2022

Deprogramming Equals Ascension

Feb 25, 2022

Abusers Dressed Up as Gurus? #BentinhoMassaro #Spirituality #Cults

I want to talk about the latest controversy regarding Bentinho Massaro, a spiritual teacher. But this is just me riffing. This is just me telling my own story. Because I have been on this journey –this spiritual awakening journey for quite a few years now. And Bentinho has been a huge part of it. Him and his teachings. It’s not me adding to accusations, or interpreting the alleged events. It’s just a blog about me and making a space for myself, because... more


Feb 20, 2022

Those of Us Who Feel

Feb 13, 2022

What I Am Not

It has been a bit of an epic wild ride for me these last two months. I started feeling the heat mid-December. And then straight after Christmas the intensity I was feeling inside of me was becoming overwhelming. It’s not to say that the intensity wasn’t there already, it’s just – holy crap – the dial got turned up to 11 and then the dial broke. It did not ease. It only got stronger. Into January I began to feel like I was losing control. Again. It... more


Feb 09, 2022

Ask and It Is Given
This World Is Insane [vlog] - Choosing not to take part in the bullshit
Being scared to express myself
It’s ok to be in crisis. It’s ok to be out of alignment..
We Will Get Through This
Miracles and Navigating 4D
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