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Aug 14

We Will Get Through This
Vlog. Simple realisations as a direct path to freedom. #freedom #DarkNightOfTheSoul #Faith #Ascensio

Sep 10

It’s ok to be in crisis. It’s ok to be out of alignment..
It’s ok to be in your ego. It’s ok to be swimming in your own shit. You haven’t fa

Aug 25

Being scared to express myself
Watch on YouTubeSometimes the best way to see myself is by making a video and being honest.

Aug 23

This World Is Insane [vlog] - Choosing not to take part in the bullshit
Link- Watch on YouTubeA vlog about life, disability, demands and expectations, moving into the new world. Follow my vlogs (some are not public) at the link in the video.

Aug 19

Glass is a photo sharing social network, new in August 2021.My username is aeryn. Please add me if you are on there.I also have three invite codes to skip the waiting list:(The first code is taken.)

Aug 14

Goslings Protected
Sunday afternoon in High Lane. A few quiet moments with the flowers..
A photo walk around Abney Hall Park. 30 June 2021.
Another day on the computer yesterday. I kind of hate it, kinda love it
Personal Vlog - The natural ups and downs of being a creator. 12th August 2021. Chatting..