I started to work on my watercolor paintings during the lockdown months cause I have been wasting my time doing nothing and all I can say is - if you want to start now, DO IT. Making your firsts will always disappoint you, fail you or maybe not. But during those days of working on it, you’ll see how far it’ll take you. Failure is always a part of your success. 

I have been into many art blocks, I tried to challenge myself for a 100-day art challenge on this and until now I haven’t finish it. Honestly, I think it only pressures you to actually finish a work every day like you’re not actually making an improvement not unless you’re hardworking cause lol I’m pretty much a lazy ass. Some says don’t mind if it is good or not and just try to finish a piece. But in my opinion, I realize that time distracts me more and not progress actually. 

You really gotta focus and see yourself “How should I do this thing so the next time I would be able to do it again nicely”. It depends on you on where do you find yourself comfortable. Just know that you’ll get there. Trust the process. It’s worth it. 

Anyway, this doesn’t make me professional at least but you can see a big differences on my brush works. I am happy with the changes. ☺️