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♡ Hello and welcome! ♡

My name is Hannah and I am the illustrator and owner of The Aesthetics Studio where I create art prints, stickers, and stationery products. I love creating art that inspires me and makes me happy, and I hope my art can inspire you too! :)

How it works

If you want to support my work and join this little creative space, just choose how much you want to pledge each month and get some cool perks like access to my behind-the-scenes, my drawing and sticker making process, tips and trips for a small business, the ability to vote on upcoming designs, and exclusive stickers delivered right to your house! You can always cancel or change your pledge any time, so no pressure.

Thank you for checking out my little sticker club! I want you to know that regardless of whether you choose to join, I am so grateful to you for your support! It is so lovely to have you here and I can't wait to keep creating stickers that make you happy :)