I've watched a lot of videos hating on Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and other teen mysteries. Just wanted to write my version of a 10 season show like that. Enjoy :)

Beautiful Monster

I ran as fast as I could. My breath became steam in the air with every step I took. I avoided trees and branches. Despite this, my headscarf got caught in something behind me. I was about to pull it off when I saw the blood trail leading to the lake. The hot red blood, fresh like my breath, steamed the cold snow away. As my eyes followed the trail, I was not shocked by what I saw. 

Jason was drowning Malisa in the cold icy lake. Both of them were covered in fresh blood, and there was a glass shard five steps behind them both. Whose blood it was, I could not tell. 

I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t say anything. I knew I could rip the branch off from behind me and stop Jason from killing Malisa. But did I want to? Even if I wanted to, could I stop Jason? I stood next to the branch not knowing what to do.

Jamila came into my view and sighed. She was wearing a mini black and grey checkered skirt, caramel colored heels, and a white tank top with a large Queen chess piece on it. Her dark brown hair french braided like a crown on her head, it looked exactly how I would do it for her. I did do it for her.

When Jamila wore that outfit, it was the last time I braided her hair. That was because she died later that night.

“I can’t believe my own sister is questioning whether or not to save my murderer.” Jamila said in a condescending tone. Usually she said this jokingly. I did not hear the joke this time.

“You hurt her Jamila. She did nothing to you and you bullied her relentlessly. You even accused her of molesting you when she did nothing of the sort!”

“Blady blady bla… who cares. She was a frumpy bitch who sniched about me and Jason to Mom and Dad. She had it coming.”

“Baba and Mama forbade you time and again from seeing any boys, let alone Jason! You did this to yourself!”

“NO, YOU DID THIS TO ME! You knew where I was going that night and you didn’t stop me! It’s your responsibility as my sister to keep me out of trouble! You might as well have shot me yourself!”

I started crying. Whoever this person was, she wasn’t my Jamila. Hell, I didn’t even know Jamila when she was alive. I knew she went to parties and had boyfriends, things that we weren’t allowed to do because of our religion. And I even helped her get away with some of that stuff. Only because I wanted to live vicariously through her. I was so jealous of those other girls who could do what they wanted, but I was scared of how disappointed my parents would be if they ever found out I wanted to do any of those things. So I let Jamila do them for me. I dressed her up and braided her hair. I snuck her out and helped her climb back into the window late at night when she was done partying. I couldn’t wait for her crazy stories about having fun letting loose and being free.

What I didn’t know was that she bullied people. Jamila wasn’t homeschooled like I was, so I didn’t know how she was at school. I couldn’t believe how many people in her life hated her. Not until I enrolled myself. The amount of devastation she brought on people left me speechless. Over these past few months I learned Jamila was a monster.

A monster who was murdered by one of her victims. That same victim drowning in the lake, being killed by her clinically depressed boyfriend. A rage bellowed from within.

“You’re right.” I told my ghost. “I did let you go to all those parties. There is no one I blame more for your death than myself.” I ripped the branch holding my head scarf hostage and fell into the snow.

“If I had known that it would have turned you into the monster you became, I would have chained you to your bed long ago.” My arms were elbow deep in snow. “Justice will come to you, as it will come to us all in our second life. But while I still have this one, I want to fix your mistakes.” I looked at my sister for the last time and said, “I don’t want another person who loved you to suffer your fate.” I stood up. “I know it’s too late Jamila, but please, let me be your sister a little while longer.”

I wiped my eyes from the tears and began running. I knew what I had to do.

I tackled Jason into the freezing lake. This released Malisa from his grip. I could hear her  take a deep breath. Good, that means he didn’t kill her. Jason got out of the water confused.

“Jamila?!” For a second he had hope. He wiped his eyes and saw my headscarf. Hope dimmed from his face. 

“What are you doing, JANA!?” He yelled at me.

I approached him slowly. The water was so cold, but I had to calm him down. If I didn’t, Malisa would die.

“YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID!” pointing at her he continued, “SHE KILLED JAMILA!”

“I know.” I stated.

“The why…?”

I crouched into the cold water and took his hands.

“I don’t want the man my sister loved to commit such an atrocity.” I stated simply.

He tightened his grip on my hands and started to cry.

I began crying as well.

Nothing would bring her back.

But maybe now I was Jamila’s sister for a little while longer.