The Wheel of Time show is bad... Why am I not surprised?

Sex scenes? Nudity? Is this really the Wheel of Time? Or is it just a bad imitation of Game of Thrones. I only started listening to the audio book because of the show announcement (as well as Daniel Green link to his channel at the end). The book really speaks for itself. Starting blind is the best way to go with this series, and seeing everything at the start unfold from our main characters perspective was genius. Robert Jordan didn't treat his audience like dumb babies. He gave them all the puzzle pieces needed to insinuate what happens whenever our main character isn't around. I'm trying to be as vague as possible because like I said, going into this series blind is the best way to enjoy it.

TL:DR don't watch the Wheel of Time. Read/ listen to Eye of the World. It's a lot more fun.

Daniel Greens Channel: