Jun 06, 2022

Does Representation Matter?

Apr 10, 2022

Kingdom Hearts IV - Community Reaction

Jan 08, 2022

No One in Media Understands My Culture

Imagine, if you will, a minion. He starts speaking to a German man. A passerby looks at the minion and says, “Wow! That minion can speak German!”You might be asking yourself why I wanted you to imagine this stupid scenario. Clearly the minion is not speaking German, he's speaking gibberish. Because he is a minion. Well, this was the only way I could describe how it felt to watch the first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.  Anthony Mackie... more

Dec 29, 2021

Spider-Man 3: Forgiveness Vs Vengeance

The following is a review of Spider-Man 3 (2007):YOU GUYS LIED TO ME! THIS MOVIE WASN'T BAD! WHAT ISN'T THERE TO LIKE ABOUT THIS MOVIE!!!!!Okay I think I need to calm down and explain myself. Lets start with the analysis like we always do.While the trilogy itself focuses on the choices we make, this movie in particular looks at the what happens when we choose not to forgive others. When we don't forgive others we get:Bully Peter Parker as well as an evil Spider-ManA vengeful... more


Dec 27, 2021

Modern Greek Myths: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Dec 21, 2021

Spider-Man 2: Balance

The following is a review of Spider-Man 2 (2005):Holy crap, people weren't kidding about this movie! I see now why it's the most loved out of the Reimi trilogy. From the jokes, to the cinematography, to the acting, everything was top notch. But let's start the analysis.MJ still kinda sucks in this movie. Not because of Dunn's acting, she did better in this movie then in the last. I just don't like that she's always a basic DID (Damsel In Distress). However she... more

Spider-Man 3: Forgiveness Vs Vengeance
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