The following is a review of Spider-Man 3 (2007):


Okay I think I need to calm down and explain myself. Lets start with the analysis like we always do.

While the trilogy itself focuses on the choices we make, this movie in particular looks at the what happens when we choose not to forgive others. When we don't forgive others we get:

  • Bully Peter Parker as well as an evil Spider-Man

  • A vengeful Eddie Brock that turns into Venom

  • Harry Osborn becomes the new Green Goblin

  • A jealous MJ that can't tell Peter her true feelings

Each person in this movie has a chance to choose forgiveness instead of revenge. When Peter lets go oh his vengeance for Sandman and audibly said "I forgive you." I finally understood the message of this movie. Eddie dies a sad death when he couldn't forgive. Harry dies a noble death choosing forgiveness. When we learn to forgive people, and let go of the hate, we can move on with our lives. We can finally live the lives we were meant to live.

That last scene of MJ and Peter hugging and then dancing at the bar was really sweet and made me sad that I wouldn't see these actors play these roles again. Man this was a great movie. Here are all the stupid stuff I liked and didn't like about it:

I didn't like that Peter kissed Gwen in front of MJ. I mean, even the little kid tells him not to do it. What a strange decision to start the movie with. Also why did Harry lose his memories? After that however the movie finds it's stride and really hits a homerun for me.

I really liked the following:

  • The action was amazing! The first fight of the movie where Harry tries to kill Peter was so gut retching, yet you could feel Harry was trying to kill him in every attack he had. I also loved all the different locations each fight took in. You know a fight is written well when the setting is taken into account and used in the fight. The cramped alley with Goblin, the sewers with Sandman, and the construction building at the end. The fighting in general in this trilogy is done really well.

  • James Franco is my favorite Goblin in this trilogy. I know that may sound blasphemous, but honestly, Dafoe didn't have a lot of time in the first movie to do his thing. I would argue Norman Osborn is better utilized in No Way Home then in Spider-Man 1. But James Franco really plays that duality of his hate and love for Peter really well. It goes along with the themes of the movie, and that fight in the pent house still hurts. When Peter goes to ask for his help at the end of the movie and we see his injured face we see what choosing hatred will do to yourself and your friends. That team up at the end was also just so awesome. You will be missed Harry Osborn.

  • MJ was way better in this movie. She has to deal with the fact no one is paying attention to her and how she actually might not be the best actor. MJ protects Peter twice in this movie despite her jealousy (one with Harry and the other with the brick). You can really see how much she was hurt by him in the bully Peter scenes. MJ learned humility in this movie, and I'm glad she wasn't just relegated to a basic DID (Damsel in Distress)

  • Bully Peter was very cruel, to the point where Gwen Stacy felt bad about it. That dance scene was hilarious.

  • Eddie Brocks Venom wasn't bad at all. The CGI was well done, and that guy from that 70's show pulled off asshole really well. Yhea it may be a coincidence that they ended up in the same church building but who really cares. I definitely didn't. Now I have two versions of Venom I can enjoy on screen.

  • Sandman didn't have a lot to do, but I liked what he added to the story. Also the scene where he wakes up with his powers felt so real, I had chills.

  • Jameson once again was hilarious (the buzzing and all the pills he had was so funny), and Ursula the neighbor was cute.

Okay... I'm going to say it. Of this trilogy, this is my favorite Spider-Man movie. I'm going to miss these characters a lot. While these movies don't really follow the comics to a T, they represent a different perspective of this stories. Sam Remi wanted to make Spider-Man into a Shakespeare Play, and it worked. It worked so well, that even thought people hate this movie, it's the highest grossing Spider-Man movie of all time. Well... at least for now.