Hello all those that have taken the time to click...and thanks 👋

AgeingSurfer started as a whatsapp group between 4 friends in the UK who, prior to the emergence of modern technology, used to spend every available hour in the ocean (trying to, not always succeeding in) surfing waves. As with most things; life, love and responsibilities lowered the wave-count. So we formed the whatsapp group to plan and keep stoked about forthcoming surf sessions.

We knew there were others out there like us, so we thought we'd open it up onto social media. We formed a Facebook page and Community page. Soon enough we had amassed a community (The 'Squadron') of 6.5k followers aged 30 - 65+.

AgeingSurfer is now a voice for the upper-end of the surfing community demographic. Our aim is to share, champion and inform. All done with a sense of humour and a massive sense of community.

Our aim is to do more. We have started a buymeacoffee page in order to fund resources. We would like to travel the surf spots of the UK and meet with members of our community on location to provide content for the rest of the surfing community. This will include surf spot reviews, increasing the number of listings on our independent surfboard shapers directory, articles, videos, photos, podcasts and more. Real boots on the ground surf 'journalism'.

If you would like to find out a bit more about us, please fee free to visit our website

If you would like to join 'The Squadron' then please follow our Facebook or Instagram (we wish we were better on Instagram...we will be)

If you would like to buy us a virtual beer/coffee we would be eternally grateful.

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