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I created this page as a hub for my hobbies & passions to co-exist. 

Things I like to create:

  • Issues for my personal newsletter (micro blog posts, basically) that center around self awareness, self improvement, personal growth & development. Sent 1x/month-ish.
  • Original photo essays, lightweight photo/videography montages - I've recently taken a liking to film photography and have been heavily documenting my results and learnings. Perhaps your tip will help finance my next roll of 35mm film? (Alternatively, you can shop my prints)

Buying me a coffee is the equivalent of a virtual pat on the back–a cheer, a hi-5, a raising-of-the-roof. Thanks for the extra boost and for fuelling what I love to do. Your encouragement & support truly means a lot! 🙏

Anneliese Herbosa

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