Oh my, the past months have been crazy. Thank you for sticking around!

After leaving Canada, I've moved three more times, and hopefully, I can stay put for a while.

Thankfully, the recorded Free Thinking video course is available for purchase now; and those who have purchased it are now able to attend weekly live online discussion with me every Friday from 7-8pm EST.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from taking the video course, please share it. It is designed to encourage one to think for him/herself.

I will be reviewing the membership options offered here, as well. And a weekly newsletter will be sent every Monday.

The Learning Reimagined Network website may not come to fruition, however. It was a large project and it just didn't get the stimulus it needed to grow and to become that resource for education connecting parents, educators, and kids with great, varied content.

I will be expanding on my own content production, though. As an avid self-learner, my content will be designed to awaken the wonder and curiosity for this existence.

I'm looking forward to reconnecting with you!

Best wishes,