It's time to start anew, and that goes for the book selection for the Storytellers'Circle Book Club, the Free Thinking for Kids Book Club, and the Learning ReImagined Book Club for Adults.

For our younger kids, the book selected is Ronald Dahl's, The Witches. Not only is this a fun book to read, I think it gives an important message to children to be aware that not everyone who seems good is truly good. Kids can be intelligent and discerning enough to see through scams if we can encourage them to be inquisitive and learn how to recognize possible dangers. This is so important with kids interacting with strangers online, especially those kids playing games where other players can hide behind avatars.

For our older kids, the book selected is Tristan Gooley's The Lost Art of Reading Nature's Signs. Can you find your way without a map or compass or GPS? Yes! We as human beings are equipped to be able to read a landscape and learn all that we need to know to survive and thrive. This book is an awesome exploration into what is commonly overlooked these days, and empowers us all to realize that we already have all that we need.

For the adults, the book selected is Sir Ken Robinson's Out of Mind, a book on being creative and seeing how imagination is truly the key to intelligence.

I hope you can join us for an upcoming book club discussion, every other Saturday.

Best wishes,