It's time for some changes to the live sessions with kids.

It's time for the kids to add their input for the live sessions we've been having.

Remember, this is not school. I am not their teacher. These sessions are about exploring, asking questions, learning something new and making it relevant to their personal experience.

We only have three principles to follow: 1) Mutual Respect, 2) Non-violence, and 3) Open-minded Skepticism. There are no other rules.

It's also important to remember that attendance has to be solely the choice of the kid, not the parents.

Kids, you get to start choosing how you spend your time, where you focus your attention, and WHY. If you've got something better to do, then do it. Follow your intuition.

So now, it's the kids' turn to start sharing what new and fascinating things they've been exploring.

Next online session, the kids should be prepared to bring their own stories to share. 😉

"How can you share the information in an engaging way?"

It's time to become an active, self-guided participant, not just a passive consumer.

Be prepared to be asked questions. It's good to get comfortable with questions.

Best wishes,