Save this link to book into Live Online Sessions with me, including:

  1. Free Thinking for Kids

  2. Free Thinking for Kids Book Club

  3. Storytellers' Circle for Kids

  4. Storytellers' Circle for Kids Book Club

  5. Creative Learning Bi-Weekly Meeting for Parents & Educators

  6. Learning ReImagined Book Club for Adults

  7. Be Human, Live Free Online Cafe

The Learning ReImagined Network is slowly growing, and now I'm opening up the Discord groups for older kids who are attending the Free Thinking for Kids live sessions; the parents; and the educators.

You should receive an invite with a link to join the group via email. If you do not, please email me at [email protected].

Emails will be sent this upcoming week.

Help me to expand our Learning ReImagined Network!

I am looking for great resources to add onto the Network. Do you know of someone creating amazing learning content online or in-person? Think outside of the box. It does not have to be curriculum-specific. Have you discovered an awesome resource that taught you something?

Maybe it's about home construction, finances, how to set up homeschooling, dog training, how to observe, how to think logically, how to ask questions, etc. It could be a source of wonderful music that is inspiring, a podcast that awakens curiosity and wonder, etc.

Let me know! I will contact the producers with a request to add them to our Network.

You can help me create an awesome Learning Directory for kids, parents and educators.

And, if you have not viewed my webinar on ReImagining Education, you can watch it here.

Also, please welcome Roots & Wings Holistic Education to the Learning ReImagined Network! More will be shared in an upcoming LRN newsletter.

Best Wishes,


P.S. The new PayPal link is open and ready here.