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When You Crave Reading Science, Not Scientism

Jan 11, 2022


Isn't it great when you can walk into a library (unmasked) and find books written by scientists who embody the true nature of what science is (not Scientism)?

Richard Feynman and Carlo Rovelli both have stated that science is not about certainty. It doesn't offer the assurances of belief. There are only probabilities, more discoveries, and open-minded skepticism (a useful term I have adopted from another physicist, Tom Campbell). In the history of science, individuals fought hard for the freedom to be free thinking individuals, to not conform to the masses and/or authorities. It is something precious, hard-won and oh so easily lost.

The most dangerous times are when people feel they are certain and they are clear about right and wrong; these times are blind, and those who dare to question are villified. Yet we need those who dare to question, especially when we feel we are certain. Those who question, who challenge, who show us our blind spots, are so valuable.

Life, to me, is constant discovery. And to exist here now can be a misery or it can be a joy, with a sense of humor to help view those who just take things too seriously. Maybe the Greeks had it right, and life is a tragicomedy, full of emotions and twists and turns; many people prey to their own created suffering. So what to do?

"Take the world from another point of view!" Feynman said. Look at everything as if it were the first time. Let go of what you think you know. Just BE. Exist. Explore what that's like. Be a real scientist, someone who can observe, question, theorize, experiment, and never close down on any certain conclusions.

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