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Dallas Cowboys have been among the highest-penalized teams in the league all season. They moved into No. 1 in the league after Thursday's game with 91 for 816 yards. The Raiders are second with 89 for 785 yards.

"It was obviously frustrating," McCarthy said. "The game was herky-jerky from start to finish. Give our guys credit to continue to focus and battle. The numbers are absurd, definitely understand that. But just like everything in this game there is trends and patterns, and we anticipated this game being officiated this way.

"But in the same breath it's the line that you have straddle. I don't want our guys slowing down and playing slower. We've tried that already and that didn't help us overcoaching the penalties a few weeks back. We're going to get up on the balls of our feet and keep fighting. We've got to really focus on our fundamentals and finish plays. We'll take a hard look at it. We evaluate the penalties every week. We break them down and it will be part of our fundamental emphasis as we get ready for the Saints."