Hello Demonslayer Nation, I just wanted to share a little bit about the progress on my new song that will be available to you soon.

In a future post I am going to share the lyrics of this song and explain further what I am about to talk about. This song is about a warrior who fights through hell and back to find himself. In the song and the way I tell the story it is told in some ways to seem like he fought through an actual physical hell but the struggle is one fight in his mind.

This warrior had great ideas, but he struggled day after day to change his thinking and to really start fighting to turn those ideas into something that could help others. When he finally has a moment of realization the AH-HA moment as many say, he started taking action, he started confronting his fear with action, he blocked out the voices of those who were hurtful to him, he took a deep look inside himself.

Staring deep into his own soul through his eyes in a mirror and he saw who he could become. He saw the greatest version of himself he had never seen before and after this he began to always see himself as this greater version of himself.

He saw his life and what he could make of it if he simply changed the way he was thinking. When he finally decided to change his mindset he faces struggle after struggle while pursuing his ideas and his work, he faces constant resistance.

This is something I should have seen coming when I decided to write a song about the struggle against resistance when pursuing a work in progress. I thought I understood the struggle between resistance and creative work...little did I know I was about to be taught a little lesson.

I plan to go deeper about the story of this songs creation in a podcast episode after I release the song. But the main thing I want you to take away is this...

When you choose to do something with your ideas and you face constant struggle trying to create something with that idea, it does not mean its some sort of sign that it's not what your supposed to do. You will encounter this struggle no matter what you choose to do in life, and if you aren't struggling I would be concerned, because no thing worth pursuing is going to be easy or comfortable, IT IS GOING TO BE HARD!!!!