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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

What I have been up to as a creative? Here are some highlights::


In 2012, I was Associate Producer of the Award-winning Documentary film HiddenColors.


In 2016 I was Winner of Poetry Challenge for my video poem “Identity” 


In 2017 I was QuarterFinalist in Scriptapalooza TV Writing Contest for my spec episode of Black-ish. The first TV script I had ever written.




2018 things got even busier, with the following contest wins:

·         1st Place Winner (Best Screenplay Short), 2018 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival "Meghan's Challenge"

·         SemiFinalist (Sitcom), 2018 Scriptapalooza TV Writing Contest

·         2nd Rounder (short), 2018 Austin Film Festival for "Meghan's Challenge."


Also in 2018 I was awarded Roadmap Writers' Emerging Writer Fellowship.




In the years 2018-19, I wrote for the web TV series “A Billion to One” by CollabFeature/Amazon Streaming. I am no longer a part of that project, but I believe it is available on Amazon still.


In 2019 I shot the proof-of-concept for my first short film "First Date in Osaka" in Osaka, Japan.

My short “Meghan’s Challenge” raged on in 2019 by winning 1st place in Just4shortsCompetition in 2019.


In Spring of covid 2020, I wrote a quarantine-themed comedy drama short called “A Moment with Sydney and April”, which won Semifinals in 2020’s Scriptapalooza Screenplay & SHORTS competition.



In 2020 I was awarded two artist grants from Deep Vellum Literary Artist Fund in Texas, USA. 


Finally, 2018-2020, I was sound designer/sound mixer for a recently released feature “Matcha and Vanilla.”



I think it’s important to try to collaborate and assist with other creatives, especially working on the indie level.  There isn’t much money to be made initially, but we do it for the art and for the future prospects to create more momentous work.


In February of 2021 I completed New York Film Academy’s Director course (online), which was another nice step forward in my overall development as a creative. I plan on doing their producer’s course as well.


In 2021 I am preparing to finally shoot “First Date in Osaka” in Japan, most likely after the vaccinations have all been rolled out.


I’ll need plenty of coffee to keep on grinding in 2021. Thanks for your support!


James Henry (AKA Jacob James Henry)







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