Greetings from the beautiful island of Palawan! 🏝

My name is Jaycen, an introverted Taurus currently *struggling* but living her dream as an independent singer-songwriter.

I used to be an athlete, a teacher, and a community development specialist - not all at the same time 😅 but in overlapping timelines. I spent my first few “adult” years sharing my experience as an anthropologist which I really enjoyed doing but I left all of it to pursue a career in music.

You see, music is like my childhood friend - the friendly neighbor from next door whom I always played with after school. But when we grew up, we began to find new friends to play with and eventually grew apart. I found myself in the water, swimming from a grade school athletic meet all the way to a college varsity scholarship. I also found myself in various lands, participating in different cultural practices from different communities in and out of the country. Whatever I did and wherever I went, I always had this fire within me that kept me going and even if I switched lanes, the fire just transforms into something even brighter than before.

If there is one thing that you should know about me, it's that I set my standards pretty high and that I NEVER settle for anything less than what I believe in ever since I learned to choose my own path. I pour my burning heart and soul into every project and every goal, believing that there will be people who are brave enough to put their faith in me and my craft. Now, music is the air that keeps me breathing. It is the language that I communicate with most fluently. It is the bridge that helps me connect the light and the dark. It is the element that I need to achieve the thing I most hope for - balance ✨

I believe in purpose. I believe that every experience is not just a funny coincidence. Everything that I have experienced in the past has led me back home - literally and figuratively. As I am typing this from my childhood home and reunited with my childhood friend, I think about you who's reading this right now. I thank you for taking the time and for allowing me to share a piece of me with you. I wish for you to find the right elements to achieve your balance, and if you think supporting me will help you find it, then I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed 🙏

(I rarely speak in person, but I always have a lot to say if you really listen, so thank you for being here! I am so excited to share more stories with you! 🧡)