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Hi, my name is Akshay Deshmukh. I am a Product Manager with a Bachelors in Information Technology. I'm a product enthusiast currently hooked to upskilling my knowledge about product management and also helping others do the same.

I built Zero To PM - a curated library of 150+ content resources - articles, videos, twitter threads, webinars etc organized by the key topics that make up product management. It aims at providing a structure to your pursuit of becoming a better product manager.

A few years ago, when I transitioned into product management, I did not have a clear understanding of what product management encompasses . So, I heavily relied on PM resources available online and kept hopping from one article to another. I found it really hard to navigate through the plethora of articles, videos and other resources available online and decide what's worth reading, listening to. I built Zero To PM to solve this problem.

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