openHASP v0.6.2 release

openHASP v0.6.2 release

Oct 20, 2021

I'm happy to announce the release of openHASP 0.6.2 which incorporates these notable changes:

Initial Setup

  • Add Captive Portal to first time setup (thanks @AndreTeixeira1998)

  • Create default pages.jsonl, online.cmd and offline.cmd files if they don't exist (thanks @nagyrobi)


  • Enable click by default on image object

  • Add type to spinner object

  • Add zoom, angle, pivot_x, pivot_y and antialias attributes to image object

  • Allow url as src of image object for raw webimages and from push image service from the CC (thanks @dgomes and @nagyrobi)

  • Use L:/file.png instead of /littlefs/file.png for image paths, /littlefs/ still works for backwards compatibility


  • Add antiburn command to prevent static parts of the screen to create a ghosting effect in some LCDs or conditions


  • Add Analog touch driver for Unoshield displays (thanks @wesleygas)

  • Add Arduitouch MOD ESP32 with 2.4" or 2.8"

  • Add Lilygo®Ttgo Pi ESP32 with TFT 3.5"

  • Add Waveshare ESP32 One development board with Rpi MHS4001(B) or Waveshare RPi(C) LCD display

  • Add D1-R32 ESP32 development board with with Waveshare ILI9486 Touch Shield

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug that caused a crash when both btnmatrix and msgbox where used (thanks @AndreTeixeira1998)

  • Fix L8-HD dimmer brightness initialization after a reboot (thanks @Stupco)

  • Keep last dimmer value when toggling dimmer state on/off

  • Fix configurable mqttPort (thanks @Qargh)

  • Fix opaque background of spinner object in HASP theme (thanks @nagyrobi)

Updated AceButton to 1.9.1 and ArduinoJson to 6.18.5

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