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Buy a set of 4 Meross Thermostat valves so to test edge cases with many subdevices connected to a single hub.

I'm an enthusiast computer engineer. I've been working in the cloud tech for the last 4 years and I've eventually fallen in love with IoT and home-automation.

Most of my spare time is spent by delivering OpenSource content to the community. However, like every developer, I need motivation and support back from the community. By buying me a coffee you don't only increase my productivity, but also fill my motivation with powerful propeller (which is spent on beer and coffee for real). After all, italians love coffee, don't they?
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Hi AlbertoYou are an amazing person and your work with Meross and HA is extremely appreciated.I have 7 Meross MTS100 Smart Thermostat Controllers on my radiators connecting through an MSH300 hub, and a Meross MSS510x switch to turn my boiler on and off. I have configured HA with a trigger only once per minute to turn the boiler switch on IF any of the radiator valves are in state of "heat", and another automation with a trigger every minute to turn the boiler switch off if none of the radiator valves are in the state "heat".It usually works absolutely amazingly and is the ONLY solution I found to be able to turn the boiler on or off based on ANY of the radiators valves.Thank you so much for this.However.... one problem.... Meross have started to terminate my account now, and they say "Recently our cloud security system has noticed that your devices are communicating with the could server at an extremely high frequency. We consider these behaviors abnormal and are concerned about the security of your devices."This is happening every week or so, and I have to email them to ask them to reenable the account, which takes a day or two.My automations only run once every minute, and Meross say they're seeing more than one message per 10 seconds which they do not accept and terminate the account.I'm thinking it is not my automations but the backend working of the Meross HA integration that is polling the Meross servers very frequently for device status?Please... is there any way that I can tweak this to appease the Meross Security guys? I hope 5 coffees might be enough of an incentive for you, if not please let me know what else I can do for you.Kind regards,Jono

Hi Jono, thanks a lot for your contribution. I promise I'll work on that in the near future. Thanks again!

Hi Alberto You're welcome. It's the least I could do and I'm not to be thanked, you are. I think the only solutions will be to either liaise with Meross (cloudservice @ to achieve supported Home Assistant integration or to make the Home Assistant integration non-cloud but LAN only somehow. This is their most recent email to me after my Meross cloud account was completely terminated and I emailed them. The reason is that we found your connection was abnormal, and usually it was caused by that you used other home automation solutions, such as iobroker, Domotics and request the server connection with high frequency. Please know that only meross app, eHomelife app, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT are officially supported by us, any other customized IoT solutions or API may get such problem again. Thanks for your understandings. Best regards, Meross Cloud Team

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Cool. Got that garage door working.  Fairly easy. Thanks.

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thank you so much for Meross Cloud HA integration, I just started with HA and thougth there is no way to controll my 15 Meross the all get controlled by HA. Because the controlling our heater we always think of you when the home is warm ;-)

Hi Wapiya! Thanks a lot for the nice comment. It's really motivating!

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Thanks for the sleepless weekends! :)

Thanks a lot for your support!

$25 of $160 goal reached

Buy a set of 4 Meross Thermostat valves so to test edge cases with many subdevices connected to a single hub.